The Patient Channel Now (Videos and Transcripts)

You and your patients can log into this secure web site to watch Patient Channel programs or view and print transcripts on-demand (the password is on your hospital’s Program Schedule).

The details

Check the Patient Channel program schedule that is shipped quarterly to your facility. The schedule for all qualified* subscribers includes the 5 digit password needed to log in to the system, so all patients need to do is go to and enter the password.

Features and benefits

  • Your hospital's name will be at the top of the video portal once the viewer logs in.
  • It's compatible with most personal computing devices---smartphones, tablets, and laptops (requires internet access)
  • Using the printed Patient Channel program schedule we provide, your nursing staff can continue to promote and prescribe programs before, during and after hospitalization for on demand viewing
  • At your request, our customer care team will provide a utilization report for

Your hospital is able to

  • Provide the required hospital password to patients and other viewers by simply handing them the Patient Channel program schedule
  • Update your Hospital name or replace the text with your Hospital logo**, which only your viewers will see
  • Allow viewers to search for programs alphabetically or by category (examples include Patient Safety, Heart and Stroke, Diabetes, plus more.)

Customize the Patient Channel Now with your hospital's logo.  

To include your hospital logo in the top banner of the website when patients view the programs on demand at please follow these instructions:

Please forward your hospital's logo file to  File requirements:
  • The logo must be on a white background.
  • The image size must be exactly 790 pixels by 90 pixels. If you do not want your logo stretched to that size, you can add extra white space to the left and right of the logo to equal 790 x 90 pixels. 
  • The logo should be centered.
  • The logo image must be saved as a JPG, GIF, or PNG file. 

If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Remember, on demand video access is a no-cost upgrade for our paying subscribers distributing the Patient Channel Program Schedule.* We also offer custom options to add your own hospital videos and logo. Call Customer Care at 1-888-219-4678 to find out more.


*The Wellness Network and the Patient Channel reserve the right to limit access to hospitals meeting eligibility requirements.